Replica watches Tudor Kaicheng series blue flower "blue copper flower" true and false contrast

The biggest difference between rolex replica and replica Tudor is the difference between the brand and the movement, but the quality is as reliable as Rolex. In 2018, Bucherer will celebrate its 130th anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, the brand has created a series of special timepieces around the logo color, blue. Tudor released the blue special edition of Qiwan Biwan bronze replica watch, celebrating the newest member of Baoqilai's 130th anniversary, which is the cooperation result between Baoqilai and replica Tudor - Qicheng Biwan bronze replica watch Baoqilai blue special Version.

The Tudor re-enactment replica watch followed the authenticity and was widely welcomed and sought after by everyone. With the improvement of China's manufacturing technology, the processing technology and technology of re-engraving parts are quite mature. Today, we will bring you the new replica Tudor Kaifeng blue copper flower. This fake watches has a large collection of popular elements. It can be said that it is a combination of small copper flowers and small orchids. The a genuine 1:1 mold opening with a diameter of 43 mm. The outer casing is made of aluminum-copper alloy. The material has high density and high hardness, and the processing procedure is particularly difficult. The breaks through the layers to ensure the effect of matching the original oxidation, and restores the original temperament. The is truly famous, and it is as good as ever.

Blue is not only a color, but also a spirit from heaven and sea. It is wise, brave, and fraternal. These spirits inspire us and are also infused by watchmakers into their carefully crafted fake watches. In today, I will bring you the true and false contrast of the new blue-bronze replica watch of the's new replica Tudor Black Bay Bronze "Blue" special edition. This nonsense is not much to say, we will sneak a sneak peek, the last few effects of the external network, is it not? Surprised four?

In order to do as much as possible the "blue" of the replica Tudor blue copper flower, specially bought the genuine back in the first time of the new product launch. Therefore, the color of the blue copper flower of the is the only version on the market klockor kopior. The picture below is the first version of the blue copper flower that was made without the authenticity. The color difference is very obvious.