Authentic piggyback is the MT5601 self-made movement independently developed by Tudor replica watches

Overall contrast: and genuine put together under normal viewing distance without pressure and can not judge true and false, replica watches case is used and genuine synchronous aluminum bronze material with frosted bronze color, have fine sand marks. Note: Due to the long time of the original open mold plate, the original shell has obvious oxidation effect and there is no color difference.

Many table friends ask questions what is called aluminum bronze? Here is a brief introduction to the preparation of aluminum bronze. Aluminum bronze is an alloy of aluminum doped with copper. It is characterized by excellent corrosion resistance and higher strength and hardness than tin bronze. This means that the replica watches case is more durable and does not produce green rust over time, but gradually evolves into a dark brown color, so it is called a bronze watch.

Because the genuine one is equipped with a self-contained organic core, and the is equipped with the seagull 2824 calibre with mature and stable quality in China, so the needle tube should have different movements and different. Genuine needles are relatively short. However, everyone can rest assured that there is no difference in the front.

Because it is close-up detailing, the font looks slightly italic. The fonts are all positive. You can refer to the pictures in the distance from the previous distance. By zooming in 10 times replica horloges, we can see that both the font shape and the stroke thickness are very close. Very few re-engraving tables can be compared with genuine products.

Comparison of movement: The genuine carrying is the MT5601 self-made movement (silicon hairspring) independently developed by Tudor. The adopts the most stable domestic seagull 2824 movement. The overall movement appearance is the four-layer splint under the pagoda type automatic disc. The pearl pattern is polished. The only drawback is that there is a difference between the rudder and the genuine product. However, the tight-bottom style does not matter. I believe that the stability is more important.

Summary: a collection of copper alloy case + retro + and other popular elements orologi replica, handsome masculine copper shell with a blue dial, personalized design, tough appearance, a good backdrop for men's temperament. Do you like to be different? Do you want to show a better men's taste?